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The 50 Most Romantic Movies Ever Made


Ah, Valentine’s Day: flowers, candy, gifts, overpriced dinners, and wildly outsized expectations. And we can blame the movies for most of those expectations; few genres are as unfairly fantasy-based as the romance, and as prone to send jaded viewers like us into fits of gagging. But we’re also not made of wood; there are a good number of romantic movies that get us right in the old ticker. As a matter of fact, there are about 50 of them.

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A “Real” Writer?!

Today I received confirmation that I’ll be contributing to an online magazine as a freelance writer!

It’s been my dream to be a writer for longer than I can remember. This is the first step to achieving my goal and it’s finally been realized. Even as a writer, words cannot express the joy that I’m experiencing. Perhaps the Pointer Sisters “I’m So Excited” could do it better justice.

My ultimate goal is to write novels, but this is the beginning of something good, something real.

Now I just have to keep going.

Missing You

No concentration,
My mind is dull.
What I wouldn’t give
For just a pull
On your white body
So slender and smooth
How you fit in my mouth
How you feel near my tooth
There’s nothing quite like it
I can’t quite explain
For those who don’t know you
They don’t feel my pain
Like a very bad couple
Are we together or done?
Is it for just a month,
A few nights…
Or just one?
I’ve left you before
I must say goodbye
You’ve never been good for me
I’ve always known why.
So leave me alone.
Stay away, or better yet…
Let me hold you once more,
Before we part…cigarettes.

Ten Years Later…

Ten years ago, Facebook was created. IF only we knew what it would do for us as a society.

I joined at the recommendation of my then-boyfriend, Cris. I didn’t see what the big deal was. So I could keep in touch with my friends and family back home, plus the ones with whom I worked, previously and at that time. I joined in 2008 so this was four years after its debut and the network wasn’t nearly as large as it is today. I wondered how soon everyone I knew would be on it. I thought it would be a half-decent attempt on my part to keep in touch with high school, neighborhood, and college friends who I previously knew. You see, at that time, I was in the military, and half a country away from most of them. However, this was the days before having to friend your mom on Facebook, or before everyone Facebook stalked you. It was a good thing.

It wasn’t a time-consuming beast that devours your daylight and wants your attention when you get home from work. This aching need that grows in you if it goes unchecked for too long that exists on the web. You’d post something on a friend’s page, assuming that friend was even on Facebook and you didn’t have to convince her to join, and then sit back and wait for something to happen. Would it be a Private Message, which were the best, or would it be something that everyone could see. Would someone simply “Like” your post? Admit it, even that felt good, especially when the number got up there.

There are things about Facebook that could be improved upon. You know we all want that “Dislike”’ option. We sometimes feel obliged to “friend” people that we knew but weren’t really friends with, and then there are those people who think they can tell us what we’re allowed to post on OUR feeds. There were the people who constantly asked, over and over, to the point of causing migraines to form and screams to be released, to play games with or against you. NO! I DON’T WANT TO HELP YOU GROW YOUR FARM, DAMMIT! UGH!

Facebook has grown and so have we. We’ve learned not to include people who can’t handle our content. We’ve learned how to block gaming requests. We either “friend” or don’t “friend” that person who might have sat behind you in algebra class your freshman year. Facebook has changed so many times that we don’t remember what it was like at the beginning. We “Like” or don’t like the new formats and the way it shows our feeds. We complain about it, but we stay. So many people have been chastised for being on FB at work and now they know how to hide it, or they just don’t care. I don’t work and in my previous jobs, I didn’t have access to the site. It was blocked on the computers where it would have been available (the unclassified terminals) but I mostly worked on classified systems anyway.

I feel good that something like FB exists now because I live away from all of my friends, save one. Facebook is the way I keep in touch with people. I know what’s going on without sending mass emails, text messages (which wasn’t even big at the time of FB’s creation), and/or Instant messages.

So, Happy Birthday Facebook. I hope you stick around. I know some people had given up on you, but I “Like” You!