Saying Goodbye?

My heart is breaking.

How do you move away from a friendship that’s no longer beneficial to you; one that hurts you more than helps you?

I have a friend who was my best friend through thick and thin. All throughout high school, his senior year in a country on the other side of the world, our undergraduate college experiences at schools in different states, while I was in the Air Force, while he was in England doing his Masters program, and years later when he, too, was in the Air Force, and then while he was deployed.

What made things different? Who knows. We stopped talking. He started seriously dating someone, got married, had a son, and I never met him. Nearly three years have gone by and I have barely heard from him.  I would see pictures of this beautiful boy and never had a chance to meet him. It hurt so much.

So I unfriended him on Facebook.

It took the death of a friend from HS for him to send me a message and notice that I had even unfriended him.  I wonder how much longer it would have been, had an unexpected thing like that not happened.

I’m sad, heartbroken, and feeling lost. But I just wish it hadn’t gone this way.

So, gee, I’m glad it’s raining…


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