Blogging It All Out

I’m currently reading a book entitled, Blog It Out, Bitch. The author, Nina Pérez, writes several blog posts, or essays, in this case, that are humorous, and vividly true, blunt, accurate and in-your-face. No holds barred. It’s very interesting and very amusing. My plan is to emulate this style of writing at a fairly regular pace and hopefully make it a hobby of mine. Perhaps I’ll even get a few readers.

I’ll write about my life, my husband, my girls, my dogs and cats, and wanting to become a writer. I’ll write about my frustrations, my health issues, about little things like taking tae kwon do class and more. Things like housework, the books I read, the shows and movies I watch will be included too, so be prepared for some culture. I hope to be interesting and funny but not to include spoilers.

Each year I make a resolution to write more journal entries, but that’s not what I’m doing here. This is an effort on my behalf to improve my talent, to strengthen my skills, to practice writing and become better and more focused. Excellence is a habit and this is one step to continue on that path.



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